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Journeyman Upholsterer, Seamstress

Rannie is a former seamstress for MGM Las Vegas. She now works here with us and does amazing work. Her hard work has pushed her way up from an Apprentice to a Journeyman.

Thank you Rannie for always bringing light into the shop and making work fun!



Upholsterer's Apprentice

Anya is quiet and reserved, but we have loved seeing her personality bloom here at the shop! She started in August 2021 and is quickly excelling in everything she learns! She also has a crochet booth at Piute Country Crafts.

Thank you Anya for your hard work!



Master Upholsterer

Clarence is our master upholsterer. He grew up doing upholstery in his fathers shop, and went on to do upholstery in many different cities over the years. 

He is our biggest supporter and friend on top of being an amazing teacher. If something goes wrong he always knows how to fix it. 

Thank you for being patient with us and giving us the opportunity to learn this trade!

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